Monday, January 19, 2009



by Ima Nutt

This disease affects women of all ages, races and religions. However, it has now started to afflict men as well. The most distressing part of having one of your loved ones catch Hookinosis, is that there is no know cure. Recently a group of men have formed the S.P.C.W. (Society of Prevention of Crocheting by Women) and have started a fund drive in hopes that, with more research, a cure may be found within the next few years.
Hookinosis has just recently come to the attention of the medical profession, since it has always been considered a hobby, but after some extensive testing, it has been found that women who crochet go through actual withdrawal symptoms, when their yarn supply has been cut off.
Some of these symptoms are:
1. Irritability.
. Nervousness.
3. Extreme craving for yarn and crochet hooks.
4. Inability to concentrate.

Since I am listing some of the withdrawal symptoms, I may as well make a list of symptoms to watch for if you feel your loved one may be catching Hookinosis:
1. Yarn and crochet hooks lying all over.
2. Sleeps with yarn under her pillow.
3. Crochets matching booties for your cat and dog.
4. Gets extremely agitated if her yarn supply runs low.

If you feel your loved one fits any of these symptoms listed above, try to get her to join Yarnaholics Anonymous. Even tho there is no cure as yet, the organization may be able to help your family cope better with this affliction. Those of you who have not yet been stricken with this disease, please keep your family safe. Crocheting is very contagious, and the best way to prevent it's ravages is to keep your females completely away from yarn, thread and crochet hooks or anyone who already has Hookinosis.


Mountainside Crochet said...

This is so funny -- and quite true. I moved a month ago and while busy with unpacking/settling in I didn't have time to crochet for two weeks! My fingers were twitching, my thoughts were filled with images of projects waiting to be worked, and every time I passed my craft room I found myself 'rearranging' my yarns and wanting so badly to pick up a crochet hook and feel the yarn slide through my fingers. It's like an addiction! But one I don't wish cured :).

Katie of Branded Butterfly said...

Is their a name for the sufferers of the fabric version that I have? My family would like to know what to tell people.