Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Search Engine Optimization (for dummies)

There have been many questions asked regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is what has worked for me...

1) Use relevant words in your title. for example.. call a bracelet a bracelet. You may refer to it as 'a moment in time' but its a bracelet. I don't search for 'a moment in time'. Titles are searchable!

2) Use the first words of your description to describe the item, using as many adjectives as you can. Keep the whimsy to later on. The first 160 characters of the description are the most important! This is what shows up in a Google search.

3) Use your tags effectively. Select tags for your items that describe the item.

4) Use titles on your shop sections that make sense for searching. If you have a section for purses, include the word purse in the section.

5) Make sure your shop title is relevant and relates to what you sell.

6) Use the first few sentences of your shop announcement to accurately describe what your shop is about. Those characters are searchable. So for example, 'welcome to my shop' really doesn't help your shop, but

"Crochetgal carries one of a kind crochet items, hand made soapdishes, and yarns at affordable prices" tells exactly what it is you do.

Thats about it in a nutshell!

For more details you can refer to the Etsy Sellers Guide for SEO

or check out Google's SEO Starter Guide

or TechCrafter's notes on SEO Optimization
Part 1: What is SEO?

Part 2: 10 things that will hurt your site

Part 3: Understanding Keywords


Nina Estrella said...

Thanks for making that so simple. I checked out a book on SEO recently and got sooo frustrated trying the weed through all the mumbo jumbo to find relevant information that I stopped reading. You summed it up in a few paragraphs! Okay, now, off to my shop to change my announcement. :-)

Stockannette said...

I'm with Nina - thanks, and I'm off to fine-tune my announcement (and my item descriptions)!

Emily said...

Thanks for the rundown, I'm on a mission to understand SEO and I think 'dummy' is my current level of understanding, you make it seem so simple.

the Lost Earring said...

Thanks for posting this. Learning new stuff every day :)

Foxy G. said...

Thanks for sharing these great resources!

UrbanEden said...

Thank you for making this so easy to understand! I'll be changing my shop announcement and listings today. :)

Bobbie said...

As always you are full of wisdom :) I always look for your avatar in the etsy forums and when you post in our etsy sellers unite group :) Great info

thewrightwreath said...

THANK YOU for this great info!! I'm bookmarking your blog right now!

Hard Candy Gems said...

Thanks!! I'm just now fixing my shop wow am I out of the loop!